Franziska Reinbothe


Franziska Reinbothe

born 1980 in Berlin – lives and works in Leipzig, Germany

Exhibition view Galerie Klaus Braun 2021 - Franziska Reinbothe




Works by Franziska Reinbothe
permanently available at Depot Stuttgart.

Franziska Reinbothe visualizes the creative power of destruction and thus continues a thought that Emil Schumacher had already expressed, namely that the negative power is just as indispensable for creation as the positive. This dialectical interplay is carried to its conclusion in Reinbothe’s work. The act of deconstruction here dissolves the structure in which the illusionistic panel painting is caught and concludes the process of construction in a final way. This is done by the artist stripping the canvas, crumpling or folding it, disassembling the stretcher or even breaking it down into small pieces together with the painted canvas, thus creating a new, unfamiliar order. Does she thus suspend the mode of reception
If in this way she overrides the mode of reception that has been shaped by the panel painting, in the same breath she exposes the view of the material form behind the illusion that a work of art embodies in a classical context.