Aquarelle und Zeichnungen


„Aquarelle und Zeichnungen“ Sept. 12 – Oct. 18, 2014

Exhibition opening 2014 Galerie Klaus Braun with Ines Hock.

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Ines Hock, born in 1960 in Wetzlar a.d.L. works intensively in the hidden – if one takes the coarse-motor, perception-overstrained behavior of a busy society as a basis.
Those who have eyes to see and the leisure to indulge in her delicately colored, light, dense watercolors and colored pencil drawings, on the other hand, discover a buoyant, inviting world that is not only worth pausing for, but also opens the senses to an existence beyond time maximization and life efficiency.
In well-placed rectangular color fields, which only the highly sensitive sense reveals as a reactive-processual procedure, the artist goes on a voyage of discovery on the paper until the last field is occupied. The viewer encounters the truly beautiful images as an undulating rhythm, as a seemingly randomly designed color panel or as a synesthetic color sound.

SUR Issue April/May 2013 by Günter Baumann


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