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Concrete, conceptual, constructive – stand for the art directions that have been represented by Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart, for many years. Thereby the transitions are fluent. The common denominator of these different tendencies is the claim of the ARTISTS that they do not want their work to be more than what art is by nature, namely a well-balanced interplay of material, color and spatial concept based on a convincing idea.


Color and material as well as the working processes are not means to an end. The visible world is not imitated in an illusionistic way. It is rather about making something visible for which there are no words. Art does not represent here, but creates reality, which the viewers cannot avoid.


Art that pursues such goals has always been welcome in the gallery, whose beginnings date back to 1982, although the clear program only gradually took shape and has continued to develop dynamically to this day.


Klaus Braun began his exhibition activities in the rooms where he is based again today, in the Wohngalerie in Stuttgart’s city center. In the early years, the legendary art and staircase festivals took place there. The gallery was then known as art bohnenviertel. In the period between 1989 and 2005 the gallery had its rooms in Christophstraße 40 (Heusteigviertel), where also large, international exhibitions took place.


For many years, the gallery has participated in major international art fairs and regularly edits catalogs for the exhibitions.

Klaus Braun in the gallery

Klaus Braun

Gabriele Marquardt

Estelle Braun-Cinteanu

September 2012
back to Charlottenstrasse
as a residential gallery 5th floor.

Exhibition view Galerie Klaus Braun 2021

September 2004
New rooms

Exhibition view 2006, Diet Sayler

November 1989
Opening of new gallery space

Neue Räume 1989 Galerie Klaus Braun
Entrance door new rooms Christophstraße Opening 1989 Gallery Klaus Braun

May 1987
Beginning commercial work
Galerie Klaus Braun

Ausstellung 1987 Giuseppe Scaiola Galerie Klaus Braun
Exhibition view 1987 Giuseppe Scaiola Gallery Klaus Braun

August 1982
First Art and Stairs Festival
Art “Bean Quarter”

Erstes Kunst- und Treppenfest, Art Bohnenviertel 1982 Galerie Klaus Braun
Exhibition view 1982 Charlottenstraße art and staircase festival