Perspektiven der Wahrnehmung

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„Perspektiven der Wahrnehmung“  11. Nov. bis 17. Jan. 2023 Anne Berlit

Exhibition 182 Anne Berlit at Galerie Klaus Braun Stuttgart November 2022

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Perspectives of perception
With her objects, the artist creates forms of expression that enter into a relationship with their surroundings. With every change of position of the viewer, new perspectives arise, the perception of art is always created anew: an illusion of spatiality that can be experienced in different ways.

Drawing sketches and material-related experiments are at the beginning of the realization. Painting and drawing as well as the integration of industrial production techniques into the artistic process interlock Berlit’s work. In this complex design process, art emerges that is not only defined by external form, but unites painting, light, shadow, and space.


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