Martiny Counterpoint


„Martiny Counterpoint“ 

CATALOG 2021<br> Ganzleinen 17 x 22 cm, 80 Seiten<br> ISBN 978-3-86833-294-0<br> Price: 24,00 €<br>

© 2021 MODO Verlag, Freiburg i.Br.
Publisher Dieter Weber
Text: Raimund Stecker, Luc Viglialoro
Full cloth binding, thread stitching, dust jacket
17 x 22 cm, 80 pages
German, English
ISBN 978-3-86833-294-0

Price: 24,00 €


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    With his long and carefully developed work, entirely dedicated to the gesture, the American Donald Martiny, who is currently being discovered in Europe (by Galerie Klaus Braun 2013), stands in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism. His monumental works for the One World Trade Center in New York made him known to a wider public. They are singular and stored movement performed with the whole body, executed as “oversized” brushstrokes that reveal an exploding volume of color made of polymer and pigment. This publication, with large-format illustrations, brings together a series of Donald Martiny’s latest works, which oscillate between painting and sculpture. In their sculptural structure, which is no longer bound to the canvas, they appear three-dimensional in space. The individual brushstroke can be experienced as a condensation of material and object.