Matthias Lutzeyer bei Galerie Klaus Braun

1737 S

Matthias Lutzeyer / Work of art 1737 S

Matthias Lutzeyer bei Galerie Klaus Braun
KUNSTWERK von Matthias Lutzeyer, 1994, 25 x 50 cm

early wall work

n.d. | 1994 | 25 x 50 cm

Linseed oil, iron oxide black / wooden panel

signed on the reverse

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    The colour itself is the shaped material here. Se is the artistic form, so it is used in both senses. In German, it has an optical quality on the one hand and is a tangible material on the other.
    Matthias Lutzeyer creates his works from a mixture of soot black (pigment) and linseed oil, which he kneads and moulds into shapes on the wall or floor. Their coarse, rough surface looks like solidified lava, the anthracite colour of the mass has numerous shades due to the incidence of light. The works are reminiscent of primordial power or seething danger beneath the hard surface.