Pino Pinelli

Pino Pinelli

* 1938 in Catania, Sizilien  –  †  30.04.2024 Mailand, Italien

Pino Pinelli (right) visit to the gallery Klaus Braun 2005

VITA  Webseite Artist

FIRST EXHIBITION with us (solo) 1995


Pino Pinelli, for example, sees pictures not as self-contained units, but as structures made up of individual elements, assembled according to a certain pattern. Here, the empty space in between, defined by the distances between the individual elements, plays just as constituent a role as the colored components themselves. From this interplay, Pinelli develops his works as mobiles that have become murals, made of specially shaped color elements. The application of paint seems as if it had come straight from the tube: soft, like velvety cushions, or in stripes. The high luminosity plays a major role here.

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