Susanne Stähli


Susanne Stähli

born 1959 in Munich – lives and works in Witten

Exhibition view 2021 Klaus Braun Gallery with Susanne Stähli

Susanne Stähli focuses on the fluid properties of color. She finds inks more suitable for this purpose than watercolors, because they are far more transparent than inks. As a result, Stähli’s paintings appear at first glance like glass bodies, vases or aquariums, which combine with their background in a very painterly way. The varying density or permeability results from the intensity of the pigmentation, which she can consciously control by adding liquid. In such a painting process, it is necessary to engage in coincidences as they arise in the course of the painting process.


Works by Susanne Stähli constantly available at the Depot Stuttgart.
Consultation also on site and delivery for viewing possible.