View Elbe

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„View Elbe“  vom 05.05 bis 17.06.2017

Exhibition opening 2017 Ines Hock with Prof. Johannes Meinhardt at Galerie Klaus Braun

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“View Elbe”
These are new watercolors and oil paintings, created
under the impressions of a Dresden-Elbe trip.
Who has eyes to see and leisure to it, itself
indulge in her delicately colored, dense watercolors,
discover a buoyant, inviting world that is not only worth
not only worth the pause, but opens the senses for an
senses for an existence beyond the maximization of time
and life efficiency.
In well-placed rectangular color fields, the artist goes on a
artist goes on a journey of discovery on the paper until the last
the last field is occupied. The viewer encounters
the truly beautiful images as an undulating rhythm,
as a seemingly randomly arranged color panel or as a synaesthetic
synesthetic sound of color.


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