Farbe Pur


„Farbe Pur“  Sept. 09 to Okt. 18, 2014

Exhibition view 2014 Galerie Klaus Braun Trppenhaus with Donald Martiny

Christiane Conrad
Matthias Lutzeyer
Donald Martiny
Pino Pinelli


Relentless Contrasts:
Setting color autonomously and making it the subject of a painting, instead of using colors to represent something, found its most consistent expression in the monochrome pictorial concepts since the 1960s.
Even today, the subject of color is by no means dead for painting, but of unbroken topicality. Probably at no time have so many artists worked on this theme as at present, and in their paintings color unfolds with a freedom and impartiality for which there are hardly any models.
The pictorial surfaces of the monochrome paintings of the five artists who are showing their current works at the Braun Gallery could hardly be more vivid and different:
unsparing contrasts:
Color vibrations and purist, color field associations and impasto saturated,
to the all-devouring deep black.


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