Alan Ebnother

Alan Ebnother  paintings

born 1952 in Alameda, California – lives and works in USA and Schwerin, Germany

Gallery Klaus Braun: Alan Ebnother in the studio New Mexico



VIDEO in the studio 2016

AUSSTELLUNG 2017 (mit Marioni)


Ebnother, a trained ballet dancer in the Stuttgart, then Hamburg Neumann troupe, used palette knife and brush after 1975 to transfer the pas de deux to canvas: pastos he piles up the pigments, reaches into the monochrome green surface, and dances across the wet paint with a step of palette knife or brush; the smooth surface is vibrated by barely perceptible color upheavals. The artist thereby gives the paint form, shape, and only thereby, for he allows neither frame nor internal drawing to find a firm hold. Even the painting support seems to disappear under the impasto application of paint; only on the works on paper does the standard painting support assert itself against the paint.