Birte Horn

Birte Horn

born 1972 in Düsseldorf – lives and works in Blaubeuren (D)

Birte Horn, right, in front of her painting | Exhibition 2023 Galerie Klaus Braun | Foto Galerie


EXHIBITION January 2023

Artworks by Birte Horn
available at Gallery-Depot Stuttgart

For Birte Horn, painting is an in-between space that, in finding images, also always anticipates the displacement of reality. Thus, the artist directs the focus in her work on the principle of deconstruction and construction. She extracts, fragments and puts together – in thought, with the eyes, the hands, language. The thoughts and images in her head can move freely in all directions, they slide over each other and thus combine again and again to form new ideas. This means a lot of freedom and is a game with parts of reality.

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