Farbe – Natur – Pastell


„Farbe – Natur – Pastell“ 13 Nov. until 22 Jan. 2022 Christiane Conrad

Exhibition view 2021, Christiane Conrad at Galerie Klaus Braun

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Color moods
are the theme of the works of Christiane Conrad. She studied in Berlin with Professor Walter Stöhrer and has been exhibiting publicly since 2002. Color moods, as Christiane Conrad understands them, are the experience of nature condensed in a picture. Not in the studio as abstract compositions, but outside in nature, these impressive works are created. Gently, the drawing pad in front of her, she lays color lines on top of each other and in the course of the painting process develops an abstract counterpart to the mood of the landscape. In the small formats she is showing in the current exhibition at Galerie Klaus Braun, she attaches importance to the genre term “drawing” because her small-format works develop from complex line structures superimposed on one another.
Christiane Conrad draws with oil pastels. In contrast to conventional, chalky pastels, these have a much higher luminosity and a high-quality pigment, which makes the artist’s drawings look like oil paintings at first glance.


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    Christiane Conrad, oil pastells