Ausstellungsansicht Giuseppe Scaiola bei Klaus Braun Stuttgart

in memoriam

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„in memoriam“ 16.02. – 13.04.24 Giuseppe Scaiola

Ausstellungsansicht Giuseppe Scaiola bei Klaus Braun Stuttgart
Exhibition view February 2024 - Scaiola retrospective

Giuseppe Scaiola
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In memory of Giuseppe Scaiola (1952 – 2023), we are showing works from all five phases of his oeuvre: “Grigi, Plants and Waves, Natura, Terra, Forma Primaria”
Numerous works from the years 1979 to 2018.
The prices from the last exhibition in 2018 still apply.

Scaiola left the Turin Art Academy in 1977 and immediately won prizes and institute exhibitions with his monochromatic “Grigi” paintings. He was also fascinated by natural motifs early on: cypresses, individual plant parts or sea waves. He reduces them to outlines that enable recognition without imposing a narrative on the viewer. Black, the color of the graphic sign, dominates. However, Scaiola distinguishes himself from the concentrated information of the pictogram through the sensually perceptible, relief-like texture of the surfaces. He often mixes sand into the colors. The painting itself, not the motifs, was his concern.
This approach became even more dynamic in the following period. Painted with his fingers, he created swirling compositions, now again in a luminous palette, entitled Nebbia, Terra or Natura, in which the dense allover of the strokes creates the effect of an immense spatiality.


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