Collagen 1963 & 2013


„Collagen 1963 & 2013“ 

Arthur Aeschbacher, Photo Galerie Klaus Braun, 2014

Arthur Aeschbacher
© May 2013 Braun Gallery
Publisher Klaus Braun
Texts: Dr. Georg Leisten, A. Aeschbacher
Paperback 21 x 21 cm, 16 pages
German, French

Catalog for exhibitions
at the Institut Francais, Mainz
and the Galerie Klaus Braun

Price: 7,90 €


Request regarding catalog

    The catalog juxtaposes collages from 1963
    with the latest collages in the series “Pacifico” from 2013,
    of which Aeschbacher writes:
    a yellow that is even more luminous than a neon light in the red light district of Tokyo.
    Aeschbacher passed away in 2020.