Maria Mathieu - Foto Galerie Braun

Maria Mathieu

Maria Mathieu  Drawing, Painting

geboren 1948 in Saarlouis – lebt und arbeitet in Bremen

Maria Mathieu in the studio - Galerie Klaus Braun
Maria Mathieu in the studio 2014


Works by Maria Mathieu
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Maria Mathieu’s felt pictures like to take graphic forms of the room: the rectangle of the wall, the tile pattern of the floor or the interlocking of the parquet and abstract them onto the wall using felt on a carrier, usually acrylic glass.

Since Beuys, felt has become a carrier of meaning in art. But felt is also present as a natural raw material in our everyday world in a variety of forms, which we value for its warmth, cosiness and malleability.

The artist Maria Mathieu colourfully depicts these characteristics.