Andrea Myers


Andrea Myers

lives and works in Ohio, US

Andrea Myers, exhibition setup at Galerie Klaus Braun 2020, Photo Sven Kahns

VIDEO, in the studio

EXHIBITION 2019 (first with us)
EXHIBITION 2021  (newest with us)

In her work, the US artist explores the space between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality. She is concerned with the physical and material processes of constructing pieces; the works
are defined by contrasts in materiality, form, and size. Using paper or fabric, she builds pieces through collage and accumulation of layers that transcend their materiality and take on new meanings. Flat material becomes three-dimensional.
The wall installation shown, made of machine-sewn layers of fabric, a soft flowing geometry, is seen by the artist as interventions in solid, solid space. She directs the eye to the color eruptions and the surfaces in between. The object-like work gives a sense of physical painting in space, as if the viewer is immersed in the boundaries of the flat picture plane.