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Anne-Sophie Øgaard


Anne-Sophie Øgaard Painting

born in Norway, lives and works in Denemark

Anne-Sophie Øgaard at Galerie Klaus Braun Stuttgart, Art Exhibition

EXHIBITION September 2023


The artist is presentAnne-Sophie ØGaard explores the possibilities that arise when painting ends and sculpture begins. Sculpture holds the possibility of magic; things can appear or disappear.Øgaard’s work is indebted to a minimal abstract language that emerged in the 1960s with artists such as Frank Stella, Carmen Herrera, Donald Judd, Anne Truitt and others.The reduction of forms to their basic elements. The interplay between the additive and the subtractive, the making and not making, the deconstruction and reconstruction of the surface constitutes the essence of her work. To achieve this, she uses materials such as paint, sand, cement and plaster. Squares and rectangles in a meticulous grid with furrowed wavy lines across the matrix are the background and the abstract motif at stake, but light and the relationship between positive and negative light and the relationship between positive and negative space are the artist’s real interest.In her monochrome painting, Anne-Sophie Øgaard has developed a strategy and technique whose self-imposed limits are considered demanding and difficult. Precisely because of this, her works become very lively and accessible.

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