Ausstellung Kunst bis 2.000,- € bei Galerie Klaus Braun

Kunst bis 2000 €

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„Kunst bis 2000 €“ 17.11. – 10.02 2024 Artists of the gallery

Ausstellung Kunst bis 2.000,- € bei Galerie Klaus Braun
Artists of the exhibition



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    In this exhibition we show works by artists from the gallery. The exhibitors have already been represented by us several times and in other well-known houses. In the current show, they prove that even small formats can achieve great effects.

    What they have in common is their academic study of art. Another connection arises at the level of content: they all represent varieties of concrete-conceptual art. This is not about a mimetic form of imitating nature in art, but rather “about the thing itself”. This means that colour and form, material and ductus are vitalised through artistic action. In this way, the power of painting can be experienced by the viewer not only visually, but also through rhythm and materiality in a more comprehensive way.