Giuseppe Scaiola at Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart

Giuseppe Scaiola

Giuseppe Scaiola painting

* 1951 Cairo Montenotte, IT  –   †  05.02.2023 Bergeggi, IT

Giuseppe-Scaiola in the Savona studio
Giuseppe-Scaiola in the studio

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The experience of nature is transformed into painting:
Giuseppe Scaiola’s largely abstract works focus primarily on nature, less in its concrete appearance than in its essence and colorfulness. Brown, blue and green tones are Scaiola’s preferred colors, which he sometimes applies in wildly moving all-over, sometimes as organic bodies swirling in space. They are signs of organic matter, sensual, earthy and direct translations of a deep emotionality and yet forms of the highest abstraction.
The results are all the more convincing the more casually the understanding of nature underlying his work is communicated. The incessant forces at work, the laws of growth and decay and time, which never comes to an end, can all be seen in these paintings.
The “Grigi” of the early phase are a special feature: non-objective pictures in shades of gray, often with a tiny realistic figure, a nun, at the center.
Scaiola’s painting has remained unaffected by trends and contemporary tendencies. She unwaveringly seeks her own path – an impressively necessary position in today’s art.

Early works

Works from 1991 to 2021