Souvenier de centenaire

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„Souvenier de centenaire“  24.03. – 15.04 2023 Arthur Aeschbacher


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    * 1923 in Geneva, Switzerland – † October 10, 2020 Paris.
    We have worked with Aeschbacher since 1990 and have shown his works in many solo and thematic exhibitions.
    Aeschbacher’s works have been part of museum exhibitions: Kunsthalle Basel 1959, Louvre1964 (50 years of collage), Centre Pompidou 1985 (Lisible-illisible).
    In 1993 the Centre d`art contemporain de Corbeil-Essonnes honored him with a retrospective. A monograph was published on this occasion.
    Aeschbacher’s works can be found in numerous museums and collections worldwide.